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Littleacre Catalogue > Stafford Poultry House

Stafford Junior Poultry House

Stafford Junior Poultry House

Ref: Staff-Jun

Price: 235.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 34.00

Shipping to Scotland plus 17.00

The smallest version of our popular Stafford range, with external nest box and slide out floor both standard.
This poultry unit will house 3/4 standard size laying birds.

89 cm wide x 63 cm deep x 115 cm high max
35"wide x 25"deep x 45" high max
The nest box with it's lid adds a further 38cm (15") to the width.

The house stands on 38 cm (15") legs.

Carry Handles for Stafford Junior

Carry Handles for Stafford Junior

Ref: StaffJun- CH

Price: 10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Make your stafford portable

Stafford Standard Poultry House

Stafford Standard Poultry House

Ref: Staff

Price: 355.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 38.00

Shipping to Scotland plus 19.00

A raised house suitable for 8 to 10 birds depending on breed /size, fitted with externally accessed nesting box. Being raised from the floor reduces rodent problems often experienced with units located close to the ground. A slide out floor is provided for easy cleaning. Supplied with 2 removable roosting bars and ramp to pop hole. The roof is hinged to allow access to the house. Permanent ventilation is provided.

107cm wide x 84cm deep x 115 cm high.
(42"wide x 33"deep x 45"high)
Nest box adds 38 cm (15") to width.

Carry Handles for Stafford Standard

Carry Handles for Stafford Standard

Ref: Staff- CH

Price: 12.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Make your Stafford portable

Stafford Major Poultry House

Stafford Major Poultry House

Ref: Staff-Major

Price: 599.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 52.00

Shipping to Scotland plus 26.60

The largest version of the Stafford range. Will house up to 20 standard size laying birds. Built with same specification and features as smaller Staffords but using heavier framework.
Two slide-out floor trays for ease of cleanig and handling.
Two nestbox units, each with 3 nesting compartments.
Hinged roof for access to house.
Ramp to pophole.


153 cm wide x 117 cm deep 115 cm high
(61"wide x 46"deep x 45" high)
The nestboxes add a further 76 cm (30") to the width

Littleacre Catalogue > Stafford Poultry House

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