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Grosvenor Junior Poultry House

Grosvenor Junior Poultry House

Ref: GrosJun

Price: 599.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 49.00

Shipping to Scotland plus 24.50

!Now redesigned with transport wheels as standard

The house section is raised to allow poultry access to the area below. This area, now fitted with a slatted floor, gives a weather protected area for the birds and a dry feed point. This is achieved by the provision of a fixed rear panel and one removable side panel that can be fitted left or right. A second side panel is available as an option. The feed point is best utilised by fitting a galvanised feed hopper to the swivel rear panel that is a feature of this range.

Standard fitments;
Transport wheels
External nesting box with hinged lift-up lid for easy egg collection
Slide out floor / droppings tray.
Run end release. Allows birds to be let out to free range.
Virtically sliding pop hole cover held open with hook & eye
Roosting bars.
Full ventilation
Carry handles are fitted to the run end to aid portability.
The run is constructed with 25mm square 16-gauge heavy-duty mesh and has a removable top for access. The run top will slide away from the house to access the pop hole or add feed/water but will be locked on when in the closed position.

House; 89 x 81 x 94 high ( internal to apex ) cm.
( 34" x 32" x 37" high int. )
Nest box adds 38cm. ( 15 " ) to width
Run; 153 x 94 x 84 high cm.
( 60" x 37" x 33" high )
Overall; 239 x 94 x 151 high max. cm.
( 94" x 37" x 60" high max.
Height under house, 46 cm [ 18" ]

Grosvenor Standard

Grosvenor Standard

Ref: GrosSTD

Price: 747.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 56.00

!!<Shipping to Scotland please enquire.

The second size of this model will house upto 12 birds (better at 8). It has all the Grosvenor features as described above..
Plus: Transport wheels now fitted as standard

117 x 107 x 137 high internal to apex cm
46" x 42" x 54" high int.
Nest box adds 38cm, (15") to width.
188 x 119 x 84 high cm
74" x 47" x 33" high
305 x 117 x 158 high max. cm
120" x 46" x 67" high max
Height under house 46 cm [ 18" ]

Grosvenor Major

Grosvenor Major

Ref: GrosMaj

Price: 945.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England 63.00

Shipping to Scotland please enquire.

The largest model of this popular range will house upto 20 birds. It retains all the Grosvener features listed above with the addition of nesting boxes fitted to both sides.Each box has 3 compartments giving a total 6 laying positions.

Dimentions max.;
305 cm long x 183 cm wide [exc. nest boxes] x 180 cm high
[120" long x 72"wide x 71"high]
117 cm long x 183 cm wide x 165 cm highes
[46"long x 72"wide x 65"high]
Nest boxes add 76 cm (30")to width
Run area;
305 cm long x 183 cm wide, x 84 cm high
[120" x 183" x 33"high ]
Height under house 46 cm [18" ]

Feed Hopper

Feed Hopper

Ref: Galv Hopper

Price: 17.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Holds 14lb of feed. Hinged lid to keep feed dry. Screws to wall or end house panel

11 x 12 x 7 inches deep

Weather Panel

Weather Panel

Ref: WPanel

Price: 12.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

The weather panels give added protection to the area underneath the house.
One is supplied as standard. This can be fitted to either side as required.There is weldmesh fixed to the weather panel apertures
The one panel supplied will cope with most conditions but for those who experience more extreme weather conditions the additional panel should be considered..

Littleacre Catalogue > Grosvenor Range

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