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Bantam  House & Run

Bantam House & Run

Ref: Bant

Price: 229.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shipping to England and Wales 36.0

Shipping to Scotland plus 18.00

This compact house and run unit is designed with the bantam poultry keeper/breeder in mind but is also popular for rabbits and guinea pigs.
Hinged roof for easy access.
Carry handles at both ends.
One piece lift off run top now locks on in closed position
Run top also slides away from house to access pophole or add feed/water.
Drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open.
Removable perch rail.
Ample ventilation.


Overall size 208 cm long (incl. handles) x 89 cm wide x 69 cm high max.
(82" long x 35" wide x 27" high max.)
Run height 48 cm (19")
House size 84 cm wide x 63 cm deep x 61 cm high
(33" wide x 25" deep x 24"high)

Bantam House Wired Base

Bantam House Wired Base

Ref: BantWire

Price: 26.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

The wired base fits to the bottom of the run area giving added protection from predetors.
Also stops rabbits digging their way out.

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